Need input from the opinion experts

I have now disabled the direct posting feature on this site, but comments will still be readily accepted and used if you will email me with the info or question . The stream had turned into a flood of useless confetti advising me that they will definitely bookmark my site, thanking me for the awesome posting, it saved much time (smiley face added) and etc., under the guise of selling some trash product or directing you to a site that specializes in recreational reproduction activities. So if the friends out there will continue to just email me their input, we will post it from there. Too bad, I had hoped for an interactive world but was quite naive about how poisonious the waters had become.

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  1. Karl says:

    I am beginning to look at the restoration of a Buntlebart square of 1781 which came with most of the wire missing. Does anyone have an accurate historical scaling for this instrument?

    • admin says:

      The Handbook of Historical Stringing Practice by Rose and Law give the scale for a 1784 Buntebart and Sievers of 1784 which will work nicely for this one. I assume you are familiar with note terminology; I’ll quote from C-f3, and give you the best recommendation for the overspun I know if yours goes below this as I suspect:
      C to C# – 0.59/0.39
      D to F# – 0.59/0.30
      G to G# – 0.50/ 0.25
      A to A# – 0.70
      B to f – 0.64
      f# to g# – 0.59
      a to a# – 0.54
      b – 0.51
      c1 to f#1 – 0.46
      g1 to f2 – 0.41
      f#2 to a#2- 0.38
      b3 to f3 – 0.35

      A rather complicated scaling, but I suspect it was done to settle some problems.

      For lower notes, depending on what this one of yours has:
      FF to AA# – 0.70/0.42
      AA# to B – 0.63/0.42

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