We have a number of friends out there who can help with questions and information concerning early square pianos. is a space for latest news of pianos at auction in the UK and elsewhere, plus loads of information and useful material! is recently launched by Graham Walker and features information and a link to obtain the action cloth used by Broadwood for an authentic restoration effort and a quiet action. by the undisputed historian and noted restorer Michael Cole, with extensive history files and a link to obtain his books, which are required reading. by David Hunt with detailed information re. serial numbers of Broadwood Grands and Longman and Broderip squares. Clinkscale Online administered by John Watson, curator of musical instruments for Colonial Williamsburg, stands as a resource for all enthusiasts of the early piano and a tribute to the groundbreaking work started by Martha Clinkscale to document all the remaining early pianos in the world. Submission of information regarding newly discovered pianos is very much welcome! Antique instruments and modern copies offered on a regular basis, so check in often for new stock.

Harpsichord Clearing House A source for early keyboard instruments, modern copies and antiques.

Antique Keyboard Source for restored and unrestored square pianos and early keyboards.

Lucy Coad A noted restorer and reference source, Lucy is one of the UKs finest!

Hammerfluegel  Great site to post your pictures to for others to reference, and for your own research.

The Instrument Workshop Supplies relevant to early pianos from Lutz Bungart. Do write him for specific needs if you don’t quite see what you want. Special items made to order.

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