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Much belated, here is the restoration report for the Andrew Reuss square, now able to be heard in a recording at Colonial Williamsburg. An analysis of the Bassoon stop paper found on their Joseph Newman, Baltimore square, circa 1830 piano is also posted.

Restoration of an Andrew Reuss square piano

Analysis of a Sample of Bassoon 1.1

As promised, here is a photo documentation of the unusual 6 octave, DD-d4, Broadwood Square Piano dated 1804, and the completed restoration report from Mark Adler. I feel that this is the sort of report that can make us all proud to be a part of this tradition, as it carefully documents each step of the work, while fully documenting the provenance. The overall historical value is increased for every instrument we treat in this manner. While some must remain anonymous, most will benefit from careful documentation.

Examination and Repair of Broadwood & Son 1804 by Mark Adler

Tudor Place Broadwood

For your enjoyment, a restoration report for a 1790 Longman and Broderip square that has come back from a bit closer to the tip than usual. Enjoy!

Bringing back a 1790 Longman and Broderip piano

For those of you who wish to see some of the more structural elements of the 1790 square

Also, in a similar style of the Cincinnati Reuss piano, a report from Andrew Nolan on an anonymous Viennese square.

Andrew Nolan Viennese

We are now up to three reports on Broadwoods from 1784 to 1795, so stay tuned and please consider submitting your own report. Our newest comes from Colm O’Leary who has brought back a 1795 Broadwood for us. We follow that up with one from 1784 and 1793, a 1785 Longman and Broderip, a Clementi, and a Viennese square for a change of pace.

1795 Broadwood Restoration O’Leary

1784 Broadwood Square Restoration report

While we are on the subject of Broadwood, here is a report on a fine model from 1793, prepared for a local university.

1793 Broadwood square piano restoration

Switching makers for a moment, below you will find a report on a 1785 Longman and Broderip square by John Geib

Restoration of a Longman & Broderip 1785 B

David Hackett provides this report on restoring his Clementi circa 1812

David Hackett Restoration Clementi Square

Andrew Nolan featured this one for a J.A. Knam on the Friends website and we are happy to give it a permanent home here.

Knam Tafelklavier PDF

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