Builder Bios

We have been busily working away at digging into the lives and activities of the builders we encounter, many of which have languished unrecorded for centuries. An important biography of William Southwell is due next year, and also a journal article on three noted builders to be disclosed hopefully in April of 2013. Meanwhile this page will serve to document some of the builders we have already covered, as well as new work coming out shortly. Check back regularly for updates.

A less common French Builder,  here we have Paul G. Dackweiller

Paul Guillaume Dackweiller 1.51

Working in the last decade of the 18th C, here is James Henry Houston

Short Biography of James Henry Houston

Newly updated, here is the Biography of Andrew Reuss

A Short Biographical Sketch of Andrew Reuss 1.3

Here we find the updated biographical portion of Robert and William Nunns, and Nunns and Clark.

Robert and William Nunns Bio

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